How to create a Web Application from an Excel sheet using Oracle Apex

Img : Application build from an excel

We can create our own workspace in and start creating our apex application . The below steps will guide you to create your own workspace and start with a simple application .

Img : Excel which we will be using to create application

We will be using this simple excel sheet to build our own application in oracle apex.

Step 1 : Create your own workspace by signing up with

Img: Sign up to oracle using your email
Img : Request for a free workspace
Img : Give details and sign up

Give your Name,email address , country and a preferred workspace name . The email address should be correct as you will be getting a link for activating the workspace. You can give any name for your workspace but remember it as you have to give the name to sign in later.

Check your email for activation link and once activated you can proceed to next steps

Step 2 : Sign in to your workspace

You can give the workspace name same as the one you gave during step 1 . Give the username as your registered email address and give the password which you have given during activation. You can reset your password if you forgot the same .

Step 3: Now create application by uploading our excel

This is the main step for creating your own application from an excel sheet. We are going to load the data from excel to apex and apex will automatically create some pages for our applications. We can edit the pages to suite our own requirements.

Img:Apex dashboard

After login you can see the dashboard of oracle apex which has many options like App Builder, Sql Workshop , Team Development , App Gallery etc. Click on App Builder to create our own application.

Imp : App builder screen

Inside App Builder click on Create option .

We have 3 options inside create application. We will be using “From a File “ as we are creating the application using our excel file.
Productivity App is an option which allows us to install applications created by oracle to our workspace. New Application option can be used to create a blank application of our own and we have to create pages and data as per our requirement.

Img: Upload our excel here

Now we can drag and drop or browse to upload our excel to apex.

Img : Loading excel data

Now we can give a table name to which our excel data will be uploaded to. Here I have given the name as TEST_EMPLOYEE.

Now click load data to load excel data into the table we mentioned.

Img : Data loaded into table

Now as the data is loaded into the table click on Create Application to create our application.

You can give a name to the application . You can see the pages which apex will create for our application using the data we uploaded.

You can give check all which provides some built in features which oracle provides to our application .

Imp: Your application dashboard

Here you can see the application dashboard which shows the pages created for our application. You can create new pages to the application if needed. To run the application click on Run Application option.

Imp: Application login page

You can give the same credentials which you gave for your apex to login to your application.

Img: Application Home Page

You can see the Home page of the application with some navigation bar and cards to move to different pages of our application

You can use the quick edit,edit page and Theme Roller options to further customize your pages.

Step 4: Final touch using themes

You can change the look and feel of the application by changing the themes. Apex has some inbuilt theme, but you are free to make changes and create your own.

Img : Changing Themes

You can use the Theme Roller to change your themes to enhance your application’s look and feel

You can create your own custom theme by playing with the Theme Roller . I have simply changed the color in one of the default theme to get the below look. You can also give Logo instead of the Application name which is Displayed on the header.



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